Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fighting Cancer at GB this Thurs, Nov 3rd:

Bring your buddy, buddy! Gentlemen's Breakfast is working alongside TNT (Team in Training) by hosting an event this Thursday, November 3rd from 7pm until whenever. It's an event to help fight Leukemia & Lymphoma. There may be free whiskey. There may be free beef jerky. There will definitely be discounts on all of our inventory when you sign up with Team in Training! Here's a link to the event. http://view.lls-email.org/?j=fe5a16787260067c7212&m=fef515707d6d0c&ls=fdf31c75736d007475167175&l=fe8f11787365047a70&s=fdee15747c62027873177373&jb=ffcf14&ju=

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