Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pininfarina for Persol:

Sergio Pininfarina passed away this month at the age of 85. For 50 years, he had designed the clean, elegant lines of so many Italian sports cars including cars for Ferrari, Maserati, Allante, Fiat and Alfa Romeo. He collaborated with Persol Eyewear in the 1980's to create a beautiful, limited edition collection. We have some of these gorgeous vintage shades at GB. Email us at to order.

Dapper As A Dapper Does:

Van's brother Hogarth stopped in the GB Laguna Location yesterday wearing Salvatore Ferragamo dress shoes with shorts and the fynest of socks. Unfortunately, Hogarth suffers from skinny wizard ankles.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

TAVAT Eyewear Now at GB in Laguna Beach:

Say there, buddy... The problem with you is that you DON'T have TAVAT glasses, and neither does your old man. Well, we just got a bunch in Laguna Beach, as we've become an authorized dealer. They're designed in sunny Southern CA and made in sunny Italy. Stop by. Bring yer dad. Check out their website at